Saving the Environment
by Saving Beer

As the country’s first carbon-neutral brewery, Fat Tire, the flagship brand of NBB, raises the environmental bar while raising the alarm for the future of beer.

Fat Tire drinkers have an affinity for the outdoors, but connecting their cold beer to global warming is increasingly important, as hops, water, yeast, and barley, the ingredients for beer, become harder to grow and secure because of global warming.

The Challenge

Creating a memorable, enlightening campaign and initiative to educate consumers and lead with best practices in the industry, putting sustainability at the core of Fat Tire’s business.

The Idea:
Drink Sustainably.

A new tagline/signoff, “Drink Sustainably,” and website,, will be a hub for Fat Tire to share best practices and become an open-source platform for carbon neutrality in the beer industry. Fat Tire hopes to inspire consumers to vote with their dollars and lower their carbon footprint to create a more sustainable future.

A print, social, and retail concept rolled out on International Beer Day called “The Real Cost of Beer”, hiking prices of Fat Tire at like-minded retailers to a terrifying $100 for a six-pack (the projected 2070 price), engaging consumers with the repercussions of doing nothing about global warming now. This was supported by full-page ads featuring the headline “$100 for a Six-Pack? Get Used to It.” in The New York Times and buys on NPR, The Guardian, Facebook, and Twitter.

The website does a thorough job explaining climate issues and connects the dots for consumers.  Fat Tire’s CEO puts an editorial stake in the ground, and the company launches projects in renewable energy and agriculture. Consumers engage with multiple pathways to lowering their own carbon footprints.

Site implemented by Consume & Create

Full-page New York Times ad

The work received great coverage in AdAge, Creativity, Adweek, Muse, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, and many others.

This work sets up Fat Tire to be a leader for carbon neutrality in the beer industry and to share best practices, not only with colleagues, but with consumers who vote on issues with their dollars.


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“The Red & Co. team helped us take something that was really important to us as a company (carbon neutrality) and made it really important to beer drinkers more broadly. They truly lead with big ideas and look to drive impact, all while keeping the humanity of a brand front and center.”

Shaun Belongie, VP, Head of Marketing, New Belgium Brewing

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